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  Measured drops price on the first day: Beijing night time most affected Beijing 16 area is divided into 5 large area with this price drops measured by the first day of night-time price adjustment on July 11 maximum, drops began to implement a new approach to network about car pricing.Compared to the past, Beijing most areas are divided into four different pricing periods, were taken to a different unit prices.Which adjusted for changes in the price of the car will travel brings about net?Beijing Youth Daily reporter conducted a field test.The new valuation Beijing Area 5 different prices according to the new network about car pricing approach announced by bit, Beijing 16 districts are divided into five large area.Among them, six districts and the city of Changping, Mentougou area for the same price, Shunyi, Tongzhou, Daxing, Fangshan area for the same price, Miyun, Huairou area for the same price, Pinggu and Yanqing each respective region to become a price.At different prices in the area, Pinggu District, about car lowest net price, daytime starting fee $$ 8, when long charge 0.4 yuan / minute, mileage expenses 1.6 yuan / km.The price and price changes in six districts of Beijing Changping, Mentougou maximum, not only is divided into four periods, each period almost all be adjusted with the previous ratio.Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, in order to express, for example, in addition to Baitian Ping-peak hours, rest periods starting price from 13 yuan rose to 14 yuan; mileage fee in the morning rush hour, we were up at night 0.2 yuan / km and 0.55 yuan / km, flat peak hours and evening peak hours drop 0.15 yuan / km and 0.1 yuan / km; night peace peak hours long charge per minute declined 0.2 yuan and 0.1 Yuan.Field measurements Gaoping peak nighttime charging significantly cheaper after this fall and rise, drops in the end it is cheap or expensive?Beijing Youth Daily reporter on July 11 made field test.Beiqing Bao reporter chose the same segment length of Chaoyang District 7.4 km from the valuation carried out on test pieces Express.After the price adjustment, night time is the highest toll reached 33.5 yuan.And because the evening peak traffic concentration, although the morning rush hour cheaper per kilometer than on the mileage fee 0.$$ 3, but takes a long time, so the prices are pretty, are around 33.But before the price adjustment, the road at peak price is about 31 yuan Express.But the flat peak periods spent only about 25 yuan, while the price is about 28 yuan ago.Beiqing Bao reporter also noted that most office workers use most of the car is about to complete the network connection between the company and the subway or at home, so we had a short test.Beiqing Bao reporter chose the same segment distance Chaoyang District 2.7 km away Express call drops.After comparing the night time, peak morning and evening peak periods of peace, Beiqing Bao reporter found that, due to the starting price only includes three kilometers mileage fee and a 10-minute duration fee, and therefore a smaller price rises due to the evening peak traffic jams are more severe, It had become a four time periods spent the highest, reaching 17.2 yuan, expensive than the flat peak period 4.2 yuan.The biggest adjustment the night-time hours, compared with the previous unadjusted in the same part because the starting price included fees and mileage fees long time, and after the valuation rules not covered by this part, so at night and there is no obvious short-haul price rise.Increase revenue during peak hours after we talk about the price adjustment in fact, the drops in the Beijing area to adjust the price of the most obvious is that in most parts of the city, etc. in addition to flat peak periods than the starting price raised.For the price, bit side said that the price had implemented more than two years, but the overall passenger car called the low success rate.Currently pieces called Express weekday morning peak demand 1/5 of the car does not have enough capacity to undertake.Price adjustments are made in order to balance supply and demand corresponding price adjustment, in order to encourage the driver out of the bus to meet the demand for passenger travel, but also encourage passengers to avoid it, to reduce the pressure peak hours car.For this price adjustment, net of car drivers and passengers about the emergence of different views.There are already more than 3,000 single express train driver Master Li said that although the morning rush hour mileage fee, starting fee are rising, but revenues did not change significantly."Is a small job in the morning, most of the starting price is a."The express train drivers of them said he felt that after the price adjustment, earn better at night, going to turn from the day shift night shift.Beiqing Bao Zhao told reporters the public, she drops by 11 am a cab, although do not line up, but the express train coming from several kilometers away.Some users said that the evening peak called the car difficult situation persists.Text / reporter Zhang Xin co-ordination / Yu Meiying

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