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  Two Peoples Congress, Attorney inter-provincial exchange Yangtze River protection Two Peoples Congress, Attorney inter-provincial exchange Yangtze environmental protection law enforcement personnel changes in the environment before and after handling the protected areas.Representatives and prosecutors stop in front panels.Wuhan, Hubei, Anhui Anqing two NPC research of ecological protection of the Yangtze River."In the past the pier illegal construction everywhere, and now here has been turned into a marshland ecological park."Before the panels protected areas, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province Environmental Protection law enforcement battalion handle your case Chun introduces changes in the environment around protected areas.July 4 to 5, Wuhan, Hubei, Anhui Anqing both the prosecution and the NPC through on-site visits, visits, seminars and other forms, the source of clues about the case of public interest litigation in the Yangtze River ecological protection work, the result of damage to public identification of the problem the exchange.Wuhan City, deputy director of the Supervision Committee of National Peoples Congress and the judicial Zhang Weihong said that Wuhan City prosecutors to accept supervision by the NPC strong sense.Wuhan City Peoples Congress this year, and subject to listen to a special report on public interest litigation in the citys Procuratorate, frequent interaction and communication between supervisors and the supervised this work the two sides have been big promotion. Zhou Jingjing

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