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  National Health health committee: more than 30 medical teams rush to the rescue a total of 4130 people Hubei epidemic prevention and control China National Health Board of Health, Medical Administration, deputy director of the Hospital Authority Jiaoya Hui said in Beijing on the 28th, following the first batch sent from Shanghai and Guangdong, January 24 medical teams rushed to Wuhan, there are already 30 teams to reach a total of 4130 people Hubei carry out prevention and control work.On that day, the National Health Board of Health held a conference to introduce the situation in Hubei sent medical teams to support the fight against novel coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak.In terms of personnel composition, Jiaoya Hui said the medical team included respiratory infection, severe and other departments, have come from the army and local doctors, nurses, there is Western medicine, Chinese medicine there, covering almost all the national resources and forces.In terms of geographical origin, Jiaoya Hui said, Hubei except Tibet Corps and his medical team, national guard health committee from the other 29 provinces and autonomous regions have deployed medical personnel.It is reported that the day of the conference there will be 13 teams of about 2,000 people arrived in Wuhan, as the evening of 28, there will be teams from across the country nearly 6,000 people to support the work of epidemic prevention and control of Hubei.Jiaoya Hui pointed out that these medical front will force unified deployment, in addition to Wuhan, Huanggang, Xianning, Xiaogan, Xiantao, Tianmen, Qianjiang seven cities, the medical team will be working in hospitals around the.In response to a reporters question about the protection of medical staff, Jiaoya Hui pointed out that in the beginning the group to send medical teams, according to the National Health health committee tasks and intensity, to rationalize the structure of the medical team, can do for a whole ward take over.It also takes into account the rotation of personnel alternation problem, increase the density on the basis of normal personnel alternation alternation on.Jiaoya Hui said, when we set out on a round of medical diagnosis and treatment, especially in the training of hospital infection control and personal protection aspects, first of all from that point to ensure their safety.She said that after the medical staff arrived in Wuhan, in front of the National Health health committee working group to coordinate with Wuhan, Hubei and local government departments, these players as close to a hotel or hotels near the emergency requisition hospitals, solve their accommodation problem.Now that Hubei and Wuhan protective relatively scarce supplies, medical teams at the time of departure was asked to carry equipped with protective equipment.Jiao Yahui also pointed out that, for the risk of infection, away from their families, has not yet discovered the law of infectious diseases and other factors that may bring to the health care psychological pressure, the National Health health committee arranged for them to ease the psychological expert.And by hospital infection prevention and control training and personal protective aspects of the medical staff have better cognitive and expectations for ease the psychological pressure to play an active role.

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