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  Shenzhen gym reputation standings released this 10 gym you know it? This 10 gym you know it?Which is good reputation standings released gym Guangzhou Daily News is currently number more than 2000, Shenzhen gym, how to choose a more suitable and more reliable gym, become a major problem faced by many consumers.Recently, the Shenzhen Academy of quality consumer in Futian District Council and the Council guidance Baoan District of Shenzhen City 10 gym for consumers NPS reputation survey.According to survey results released yesterday showed that surveyed 10 Shenzhen reputation gym NPS Net Promoter Score average 36.29.The top three in the Air Fitness 48.54, a 43 trillion Wade fitness.36, 37 in the field fitness.17.NPS Net Promoter Score is word of mouth reputation internationally accepted evaluation consumer and customer recommendation appraisal system.The NPS reputation survey for the Shenzhen Gymnasium market is relatively active 10 gym, respectively Total Fitness, the dreams fitness, Gude Fei Total Fitness, super gorilla fitness, the field of fitness, a trillion Wade fitness, Nakata fitness, wealth Fitness CNAC fitness, sports and fitness happy moment.The blocking access to item by way of the sampling line, obtaining a total of 1020 valid samples.Respectively from the gym qualifications, staffing, fitness equipment, the price of services, professional courses, stores, a gym visibility, service attitude, service and inspect the dimensions 9.Recommended Shenzhen gym factors are mainly concentrated in five areas store environment and service price, service attitude, professional courses, fitness equipment, which stores the environment is the main reason, it is recommended proportion of 45.38%, followed by the price of services, the proportion of the recommended 41.54%, the third is the attitude, the recommended proportion of 40.77%.In the nine dimensions of this survey in the "service" ranks a lowly reflects consumers after-sales service, "the recommendation will not high.Breakdown service aspects of the case recommended qualification gym, the gym is top three: Super orangutan fitness, Nakata fitness, fitness in the Air.Staffing, the top three gym: Fitness Nakata, CNAC fitness, orangutans Super Fitness.Aspects of fitness equipment, the top three gym: Dreams fitness, fitness Gude Fei forces, the Air Fitness.Service prices top three gym: Super orangutan fitness, CNAC fitness, sports and fitness happy moment.Professional curriculum, the top three gym: Nakata fitness, wealth, health, fitness in the Air.Store environment, the top three gym: Gude Fei of fitness, wealth, health, fitness in the Air.Service attitude, the top three gym: CNAC fitness, wealth, health, sports and fitness happy moment.After-sales service, the top three gym: Total Fitness, CNAC fitness, sports and fitness happy moment.Consumer Tips 1.Consumers to choose the regular gym before choosing a health agencies do card, you should first verify qualifications fitness organization, operation status, choose the larger, well-equipped, reputable companies.Consumers do best advance visit contrast, the Internet platform through search queries reputation, but also personally went fitness areas, field trips of its license, environment, equipment, coaches after screening.2.Package choose their own fitness package a wide range of businesses, record time cards, monthly cards, bags of cards, numerous, summed up more or longer recharge time card, the greater the preferential.Consumers refrain was in front of confused concessions, we must choose their own packages according to their economic strength and physical condition.In addition, for the first time into the gym of consumers, it is recommended to handle short-term, small amount of packages, some time after exercise, and then decide whether to extend the deadline continue to recharge.3.Signed a contract to be cautious in the first half of 2020, the City Council in complaint data for the prepaid consumer complaints 21593, more than 20% of the total volume of complaints.Consumers need to be careful with the signing of a health institution prepaid multi-year contract to avoid future business running, rights difficult situation.When consumers and Fitness agency contracts, must carefully read the terms and, if unreasonable content, should be questioned, an oral commitment as far as possible in the contract, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future.In addition, consumers should be careful with prepaid health agencies signed a multi-year contract to avoid future business running, rights difficult situation.At the same time, consumers should keep a good invoices, contracts and the relevant evidence in order to effectively activist.Stone how he prepaid chaos rule hills?Shanghais first collaborative tripartite regulatory services platform in recent years, the gym on foot frequent incidents, many consumers rights are being infringed.Fitness Association Yangpu Jun, vice president of Shenzhen, Shanghai innovative management of prepaid card may be chaos or draw.It is reported that from January 1st 2020 "Shanghai consumer single-purpose prepaid card management regulations" official purposes.At the same time, supporting documents "Shanghai single-purpose prepaid card management for the consumer," May 1 formally implemented.Consumers can protect their interests in accordance with the relevant documents, the reasonable demands of businesses back of the card, while the document also identified serious dishonesty disciplinary measures.In addition, Shanghai has established the Shanghai consumer single-purpose prepaid card service platform for coordinated supervision, pioneered by the countrys businesses, banks and government departments real-time docking tripartite collaborative mode.Yangpu Jun said: "If we can better implement it, will be the prepaid consumer industries better learning objects."

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