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  East artistically big drama interpretation of the legend of love East artistically big drama interpretation of the love legend Shanxi Evening News joined by the Zhang Zhen, Ni Ni, starring, Dong learn, Zhang zhixi, Li Jiaming, Huang Haibing other powerful actors, famous director Lin Yufen directed the Oriental very beautiful love story, "Chen Xi edge of the" evening of 15 in love Fantastic Art exclusive online broadcast.The play uphold the original, traditional oriental culture to create the basis, after all the hardships tells the story of between nine and Chen Ling Xi, after a few heavy joys and sorrows, still steadfast guardian of the common people, persistent love saga.Premiere two episodes of the story, a coincidence of Xi Ling accidentally awaken the sleepy nine fifty thousand years old Chen, two wonderful human fate began for.As the focus on creating "a very beautiful love oriental world" plays, "Chen Xi edge" of the expression "a very beautiful feeling" and "The Sound of Music" full touch every inch of the plot and production.From the opening theme released the same day, "is the edge" of the MV easy to see, in addition to showing love history and nine Chen Ling Xi with fluent language of the camera outside, lyrics sentence parallelism, begin with the assumption seems to lament, express "love love" the strong, "one long, one short of a write with a flick are you", "Lifes like a stitch knife shot mark", the audience quickly into the "very beautiful love" sincere moved in.Also released the same day, "Chen Xi Panorama" featurette skimming over the surface to show the play overall styling of joy, mad pleases, and elegant home landscape in different regions fine, a collection of Chinese traditional culture in different genres charm, that the "concept of Chen Xi panorama, four circles show the public phase ".Among them, help the house as if it were a cloud, in the misty clouds in the sole provision side of the world; but from a very deep snow all over the sky, the sacred and mysterious.It is worth mentioning that, "Chen Xi edge" King home to build very sophisticated, refer Song zhangzeduan "painting" Song Dynasty of rich, highly developed historical facts show business on the home landscape mortal, with the overall black elegant, white and gray tones and the like, to create a patchwork of Chasi shop, house door of the house of the other great marketplace atmosphere of scenes of life.

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