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  $$ 1 spent abroad also launched the first cross-border cash back CUP card cash back China UnionPay nine commercial banks have jointly announced the first cross-border cash back CUP card, the cardholder may use the card cross-border consumer automatic stand back to enjoy every 1% discount, cash back no threshold limit, one yuan is also back present.It is understood that China UnionPay cross-border cash back card is a credit card, the merchant can use more than 27 million lines under 173 overseas countries and regions, enjoying every consumer automatic 1% cash back offers, cash back amount of 1,000 yuan per month capping.Currently, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants, peace, Societe Generale, GF 9 UnionPay bank became the first bank cross-border cash back card.Data show that in 2020, Chinas outbound tourist arrivals 149.72 million passengers, an increase of 14 over the previous year.7%.In the increasingly rapid development of outbound tourism momentum, UnionPay, banks and other aspects of bank card industry more force overseas consumer finance, consumer back now on the basis of this core function, superimposing various interests.China UnionPay Executive Vice President Cai Jianbo introduced, in addition to cash back credit card abroad, CUP also launched cross-border cash back card overseas WIFI, insurance and other privileges as global shopping offers travel business travel, health care, cultural entertainment, features four main categories of life to attain global card services to meet the diverse needs of cardholders.

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