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  Plane encounters a total solar eclipse, the people of Argentina enjoy a spectacle meters altitude According to the Russian satellite network reported, only this time from the south of Latin America observed solar eclipse, dozens of Argentines on the plane to see.Director of Operations Buenos Aires planetarium Victoria Espino said: "This is an unexpected chance to see a total solar eclipse.The next time we can observe the total solar eclipse in 2020, after then, it should have been for decades a." Black Sun come, usually invisible to the light emitted from the corona.According to reports, it was aboard the aircraft of the Russian news agency reporter said the satellite, the moon overshadowed the sun at around 17:41 local time, the sun turned into a bright aperture.Moon huge shadow falls on Earth, all around are plunged into darkness, only on the horizon sometimes have yellow or orange light flashed.Espino explained: "This time the solar eclipse as seen from Earth, everything will calm down and feel around.A total solar eclipse when you can clearly see a lot of stars."Total eclipse lasted more than two minutes, and then exposed to the sun from behind the moon."How beautiful it!"" This is unbelievable!!"" I can not believe!"On the plane flight Buenos Aires to San Juan, all the passengers cheered, applauded as a total solar eclipse.According to a man named Jorge passengers share the perception: "I totally did not expect to run into eclipse.I work in San Juan, I just took the opportunity to go to work."It is reported that, in north-central Chile Coquimbo and Atacama some locations, before and after the local time at 16:40 on July 2 to usher in a total solar eclipse.This is the only time in 2020 the worlds total solar eclipse spectacle.

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