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  Xinhua International Commentary: To avoid accidental discharge Persian Gulf Title: To avoid misfires Xinhua News Agency reporters Wu Zhongmin and Yi Lang Persian Gulf government announced Monday will exceed the upper limit of enriched uranium abundance Iranian nuclear issue comprehensive agreement.The Iranian nuclear issue and the resulting tensions drew international concern.Public opinion generally called on all parties to exercise restraint and avoid escalation of conflict in the Middle East.Iran so "high profile" announced that the US government is unilaterally withdraw from Iraq and Iran nuclear deal "extreme pressure" response and counter, intended to cause enough concern of the international community, the Iranian nuclear issue, the Iranian nuclear safeguard agreement under Iran should have economic interests.After the signing of the Iranian nuclear deal, Iran keep its promise, full compliance, and accept IAEA inspections, but the US government unilaterally announced its withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement, the gradual recovery of the sanctions against Iraq.This year the United States to take "extreme pressure", not only a total ban on Irans oil exports, while gathering a lot of force to the Persian Gulf waters, double high pressure on the Iranian economy and military.In response to the "extreme pressure" of the United States, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif bluntly that Iran "will never negotiate under duress in the case, the correct way of doing things is through respect and not a threat.".In Iran, it seems, the EU did not in place, or is too much talk and not enough action, while the British seizure of Iranian crude oil tankers of practice is fueled.Irans Supreme Leader foreign affairs adviser Ali Akbar Velayati noted that Iran does not intend to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, but the agreement was in violation of some of the signatories to the agreement, directly and indirectly, step by step, in response to Iran can only take such measures.The Iranian nuclear issue is critical to the security situation in the Middle East and the world.Any changes in the international community, particularly the US government policy toward Iran, and its scope will spill well beyond the Middle East, coupled with Iran guardian of the Strait of Hormuz this international crude oil transport routes, any sign of trouble will affect the international economy and global energy supply and international geopolitical stability.Since the United States in May announced a total ban on Irans oil exports since, mostly oil tankers in the Gulf region and Saudi attack occurred frequently harassing important facilities, oil fields in Iraq were missile attacks and other incidents, the Middle East has become so explosive powder keg.Persian Gulf waters have not yet been fully salvaged, "Global Hawk" unmanned aerial vehicles wreckage, was an emergency stop in the United States limited military strike against Iran, the two sides are constantly warning, if you do not stop this dangerous test the bottom line of the game, it may rub gun fire and then detonated the Middle East powder keg.And in the continuing tense situation, any "overweight" moves are like "dancing on the wire" in, will only lead to the Persian Gulf winds and waves.Properly resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, the key is to rely on dialogue consultation.Despite the deterioration of the situation, but the parties still leave room.Iran says the Iranian nuclear actions provided for breakthrough agreements are "reversible" willing to "diplomatic means" to set aside sufficient time.To save the Iranian nuclear agreement, France, Britain, Germany and other negotiated settlement with Iran to establish special mechanisms to avoid US sanctions; even if Iran announced an increase in the abundance of uranium enrichment, the UK and said it would continue to abide by the Iranian nuclear agreement; and the President of France Make Long Rohani had more than one hour telephone communication, seeking to hold an Iranian nuclear agreement on the 15th of this month stakeholder dialogue.The trouble should end it.Iranian nuclear danger of the current situation there turns upgrade, the US government needs to abandon extreme pressure and bullying attitude, consultation and dialogue back to the track, to avoid the situation out of control in the Persian Gulf and even misfires.The only practical and effective way to secure a comprehensive agreement to get the full and effective implementation, is to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue, to defuse tensions in the Middle East.

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