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  Chuang undergraduate research jungle frequency case of embarrassment: no one with, on their own barbaric growth Vientiane undergraduate research Chuang jungle, how to get out of embarrassment student: looking forward to "a master-door" Teacher: establish "scientific thinking" most important "I first into the Task Force, the group will listen, just as a strange, feminine garden."Beijing a junior college, said Zhang Meng.Like Zhang Meng as undergraduates to participate in research, joined the research group, into the laboratory, it is becoming more common.In September 2020, the Ministry of Education issued the "Ministry of Education to speed up the construction of high-level advice to improve undergraduate education overall training capable people" that promote national and provincial research base is open to undergraduates, undergraduates involved in research to create conditions to promote students into the issue early, early into the laboratory, early into the team, the latest scientific research achievements into teaching content of education, a high level of scientific research to support high-quality undergraduate training.In this context, the very best in undergraduate research, more and more jungle.Despite the positive mind, adequate power, but then the real research into the jungle, many undergraduates some confusion, some of the band to do undergraduate research mentor also feel confused.Undergraduates should do research in the end, everyone seemed to be groping.Undergraduate research should be done to solve the three problems how to do undergraduate research should be targeted?This is a student and mentor first question to be answered."What is the definition of scientific research?"Junior student in Beijing Yin Shuo himself asked the question:" First of all you have to do understand, do research, and odds and ends with the group will have no difference."Yin huge II to the lucky enough research group has entered a metabolomics direction, he understood, do research generally refers to their own hands have issues or pending issues, purpose-go and mentor contact;" with the group would "study the research group is studying the direction of the current, front-end contact with the academic knowledge; those literature review, raising mice, test tube brush work is the odd jobs.His undergraduate schools to implement mentoring "push into the undergraduate laboratory is the trend.".Yin Shuo observed, undergraduates do very little original research work, the group will now only pure odd jobs and then a lot of people, but in his view, the so-called "odd jobs" and the so-called "do research" is actually divided not open, "this is a process.".But there are some "odd jobs" is not satisfied with the status quo of undergraduates.Reading the basis of the medical profession in a university in Henan Li Jing Yi said: "into the laboratory specimen is collected to help tutor, water for a semester, and consequently do not permit."In fact, some of the instructors in the face of undergraduates do research is also a bit overwhelmed."I often reflect on the cooperation mode between me and the students."Guangzhou University Associate Professor, School of Business Administration Pisheng Lei think, doing undergraduate research must solve three problems, otherwise they will be the situation in the research group in the slightly embarrassing.First of all, most undergraduate students "not sure how the future way to go.".Pi Shenglei that because not prepared to accurately determine the students at the undergraduate stage after an academic, so not very good from the grasp of teaching methods and attitudes, "If he does not do later academic, graduate accordance with the requirements as to train him, We can let him go astray, and tied someone to help you work, not kind. ".In addition, the logical thinking ability of undergraduates are generally not strong enough."Take an undergraduate research basically with a rookie playing a copy of the leveling process, you can not expect him to complete the task independently, the teacher should be a simple task into a link, and to develop clear operating instructions and a description mentor desired effect, so that he may complete step by step according to your requirements and guidance. ".Third, the undergraduate academic system is not perfect, inadequate knowledge base, lack of understanding and ability to think independently, some of which may require the ability to complement basic education.For these reasons, Pi Shenglei summary, with an undergraduate research needs to have "mental preparation" mentor "helpless" place also needs to be considerate.Undergraduates in the end should take what kind of task in the task group, what kind of role to act as?How to help mentor the undergraduates find their places?Undergraduate how their hot blood into an existential sense of accomplishment?We are currently exploring all issues.Undergraduates do research, looking forward to "a master-door" and after the necessary mental construction, many undergraduate research or step into a bush on the "two of a smear," eagerly awaiting clear and specific guidelines to.Like Zhang Meng, like students recalled respondents felt when first contact with scientific research, are felt as "Granny Liu into the Grand View Garden" -like experience short-sighted, ignorant, simply "weak burst".Literature searches like "needle in a haystack," "can only read English literature conjunction", "will open the group listened to more than a year to understand", "to write English papers Biechu day only 50 words" .Due to lack of knowledge acquired, limited English proficiency, lack of scientific thinking and other reasons, undergraduate students in the research group soon realized that their weak position in the face in front of a few mountains, was unable to move.How to break through it?Students are looking forward to "Teachers open the door.".Yin Shuo Although early on into the Task Force, but "no one with it on their own barbaric growth"."Teacher busy, did not have time undergraduate students, not know to ask senior senior sister apprentice, then I do not understand, just ask the teacher."Yin Shuo.He describes himself as a "very stronger person," "Who did not point ah anxiety, overcome their own to overcome the chant".He himself little by little bite in English literature, winter home to write papers often go to sleep until two in the morning, bored bottom search.In Beijing a university attended Lixia Jing also very anxious because the concluding day draws near, she has been the outcome of the experiment can not get out.There are serious problems of communication and mentor her: "Although the teacher told me the whole experiment of expected results, but there is no experimental program guide how specific design, I have actually been walking in the wrong direction.Mentors have encouraged me to try, I actually want her to help me refer to a clear direction."Compared to the first two students, the physics of a Wuhan University student Caize Chen to do research during undergraduate course very well, and the results are in line with their expectations."Of course instructor will realize undergraduate stock of knowledge is not enough, before making the subject will tell us what to learn."He said:" Guiding early mentors can help us to quickly get started, basically the first research topics of all teachers are given.My direct supervisor gives the entire roadmap for research projects, the initial results are the first to guess out, my job is a good supplement to the middle of the process.Wait until the second research projects, when part of the topic idea from my mentor, he was also responsible for helping me in touch with an expert outside the school, but also participated in many discussions."Of course, he is very Caize Chen to fight, a days work more than 12 hours is the norm, sophomore winter New Years Eve still writing the code, run simulation.From sophomore to senior year, Caize Chen had spawned two co-first author of the paper, as well as an own for the first author of the paper, and apply to top universities abroad a straight-Bo project.Caize Chen felt for his mentor not happened to meet, but carefully selected by the.He concluded: "we can not pick the kind of many hats mentor, tutor or large groups, undergraduate hard time with, can not pick the teacher has less to participate in research.With appropriate undergraduate fact, many are excellent young teachers."What kind of an undergraduate research mentor in the end need?The students are in lessons.Some people think that "should establish a mentor and student exchange platform," the exchange of instructors and students regulate them.Undergraduates do research the most important is to learn "scientific thinking", "bitter, I think the research is only suitable for a small number of people."Lixia Jing said:" I recognize the reality of research, I found myself repeatedly do not like to experiment, to verify, I want to be able to quickly see the results of my efforts to get the.Then Ill try not to go this route scientific research."Lixia Jing Jing Yi and Li have no opinion research, and Caize Chen has tasted the sweetness of scientific research.So, not every undergraduate should try to do research?What should be obtained from the undergraduate scientific research?Pi Shenglei been thinking about these issues.As a mentor, he was sometimes afraid to encourage undergraduates to do research, "people may not be ready to do academic future, but is prepared to work directly".But the other way round, he was well aware of the benefits of doing research."Social development speed very quickly, many textbooks have been surpassed, knowledge may soon be out of date, so we need to teach undergraduate students about method.And to participate in research is undoubtedly the best method of learning."Pisheng Lei believes that undergraduates do research the most important is to learn scientific thinking, and then thinking and research methods to study and work, do not go away regardless of future academic way, this is what they need.In fact, the idea of Pi Shenglei in some undergraduates who have been confirmed."What is the biggest influence on you research experience is?"" Scientific thinking!"Zhang Meng face the problem blurted.She believes that doing undergraduate research significance lies not in how many articles and do projects, but every little project in operation, a cognitive process small issues, the formation, which helped her to better understand themselves, and more understand the world, in order to set himself a goal of development.Zhang Meng teacher usually have everyone thinking of scientific research carried out in class training, targeted research to explain the situation, and other means of scientific research, "then we can form their own ideas, and constantly go wrong and then come back.".Yin Shuo also felt the charm of scientific thinking, and thus willing to continue happily swimming in a sea of bitterness in research.But unlike Zhang Meng understanding of scientific thinking, scientific thinking hes definition is closer to "habit".He said: "Now I listen to a lecture, not just passive indoctrination, and their knowledge will reserve proposed by combining its own problems.Moreover, this research has been thought through in my daily life, and doing must sort out ideas.Value "of scientific thought seems to have achieved some consensus teachers and students, and its connotation of diversity is still to be explored.Like undergraduates do research to solve other problems encountered as Pisheng Lei said: "The answer to name a few, are still groping in."China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter intern Zhang Qian Xu Division Yi Source: China Youth Daily

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