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  Chengdu a bus stop named after approximately 50 passengers, said comparable Listening Chengdu 137 bus stop named after approximately 50 mostly road names, plus bridge name "Old" "inside and outside" the station name is composed of the entire Halo passengers said to listen to the stops comparable Listening Speaking Chengdu, Sichuans 137 bus all site name, a netizen said, "If I were on a tour bus, probably senseless circle of."Its 50 stations, in addition to individual sites, almost all of the rest of the station name is the name of the road, bridge and intersection names named, and many neighboring site only one word, it is easier to confuse.Yesterday, the Chengdu Public Transport Group, the company said, setting the bus station names of relevant norms and management practices, but if we can provide passengers in line with the principle of naming the station and easy to remember and distinguish the passengers on the bus Group will promptly adopt.Station one word to see faint passenger bus 137 Chengdu Road, a total of 50 sites, a total length of nearly 30 km away, is the main route of Chengdu Third Ring Road on the west side and south side.The whole story were chadianzi station and bus station in Chengdu East Railway Station East Square.Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that, in addition to five sites chadianzi bus station, Wu Qing Bridge station, station names Chengdu 137 bus almost by road name, the name of the bridge, crossing name plus "Old" "inside and outside " one hundred twenty-three four, etc. nouns combination, indeed there may be circumstances under confusing and wrong station.Beiqing Bao reporter found, of which there are multiple adjacent sites of the station name just one word, for example, four in the West Third Ring Road outside the station, four West Third Ring Road outside North Station, South West Third Ring Road, Sec outside station; South Third loop Sec station outside, the outer Nansanhuan Sec station, South East outside tricyclic Sec station.Yesterday, Ms. Chung told the people of Chengdu Beiqing Bao reporter, due to the 137 bus traveling on the ring road, connecting the bus terminal, so it is quite usual number of passengers.This line was opened in 2011, the condition is better, there will be stops at every stop, "but because many stations were relatively close, so when the stops or listen carefully, inside the vehicle when many people might listen not sure."Ms. Chung said."Listen stops comparable Listening" for the name of the station 137 bus, the passengers so dig, he said: "Listen comparable name of a station Listening."Yesterday, Beiqing Bao reporter learned from the Chengdu bus hotline staff, bus 137 from the existing station name has been there since the bus, mainly from the perspective of names, there are three-ring inside and an outer, driving direction of the truck, by a combination of such compositions station.For "confusing name of the station," Yesterday, Chengdu Public Transport Group Co., Ltd., said the bus station names are named according to the relevant provisions of the "Chengdu central city bus station named management approach" Chengdu Transportation Bureau, nomenclature is guided bus stops accurate, long-term application, concise, standardized terminology, take care of peoples transportation habits, highlighting the citys historical and cultural.Bus Group, said in Chengdu Third Ring Road a total length of 50 kilometers, along the way, more than 20 overpass, road length, road width, less crossing facilities, large multi overpass, outside the presence within the Third Ring Road overpass north-south position or something different, tricyclic a total of 206 outside of the inner passage stations.Bus Group, the site has been named the actual situation in accordance with the norms.Such as tricyclic Supo overpass outside South Station, is named after the historical names, the name of the overpass, located at the site orientation and the Third Ring Road overpass outside.Bus Group welcomed the passengers put optimization recommendations Bus Group said, also noted the name of the bus stop name is longer, has been conducting research and solicit opinions from all sides.In 2014, the optimization problem for the Third Ring Road Station, Municipal Transportation responsible person, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University, representatives of the people, public transportation group leader and the District Transportation Authority held a special meeting to listen to the views of different parties in full basis, to ensure a sense of direction and an indication of the premise of the three-ring bus stops and adjust appropriately simplified.Meanwhile, the Public Transport Group welcomed the general public on the Third Ring Road Bus Station optimization rationalization proposals, providing both follow the naming principle, can give passengers easy to remember and distinguish the station name, Bus Group will adopt reasonable suggestions in a timely manner.Text / reporter intern Wang Yao Fu River

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