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  Since 2021 ban fireworks Netherlands enacted the first major city to ban order According to the European Association reported recently, the city Rotterdam, the Netherlands introduced a local ordinance, from the beginning of 2021, the Rotterdam urban areas during the New Year a total ban on fireworks.This is the first big city Netherlands enacted such bans.According to reports, the mayor of Rotterdam 阿布特莱布 was pleased with the ban, the government hopes to develop a measure applies to the whole of the Netherlands.And said that the ban means that sales of fireworks will also be banned, not just the prohibition of the discharge.Dutch Safety Board had made recommendations in mid-2017, and urged the Dutch government to ban the four major cities set off firecrackers and fireworks jet type.2016, Amsterdam city council plans to ban the discharge of firecrackers and fireworks jet type, then Amsterdam increased the number of fireworks-free zones.According to reports, the mayor of Amsterdam City Hall Sema think, it is clear that Amsterdam has lagged behind, the city government will discuss the same ban as soon as possible.Many members of the House of Commons for the Dutch parliament metropolitan ban dangerous fireworks expressed support, but does not support the prohibition of the discharge of fireworks in the country.It reported that kinds of accidents that occur in the Netherlands each year during the New Year, fireworks 2020 was no exception has become the core events.It is reported that during the 2020 New Year, Arnhem, The Netherlands A father and his 4-year-old son in a fire caused by a fireworks killed his wife and 8-year-old daughter was seriously injured; Rotterdam Eye Hospital admitted 20 injured; emergency room and family doctor emergency reception point dealt with 1300 injured; firefighters received more than 4,300 reports of fires.

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